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Clooney Back on ER Tonight reports that tonight is definitely the night George Clooney returns to ER. They claim that teased the episode themselves saying that tonight’s episode includes, “special guest stars Susan Sarandon, Noah Wyle, Eriq La Salle, Julianne Margulies (and the doctor Hathaway married).” When I checked the site a few minutes ago I couldn’t find such a statement but it wouldn’t be surprising since Julianne Marguiles is returning as Nurse Hathaway, Dr. Ross’ wife on the show.

Clooney’s Dr Ross originally left the ER after helping a woman euthanize her son. Dr. Ross then moved to Seattle only to be followed a year later by Margulies’ Nurse Hathaway who was pregnant with their twin girls. Of course George was really leaving to pursue a movie career, a risky move, but one that obviously paid off.

Here’s how it will all come together tonight: Sarandon plays the mother of a boy who is left brain-dead after an accident. Margulies is the one who has to tell her. La Salle bumps into Dr. Carter as he is waiting for his transplant. It’s not clear how Clooney fits into this or how it all ties together but, if nothing else, it will be exciting for fans to see Dr. Ross again.

NBC keeps the Clooney bonanza going with a special report on Sunday’s Nightline where he’ll sit down with Ann Curry on the Chad/Sudan border to discuss Genocide and what he thinks the Obama Administration should do about it.

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